To shop or not to shop....that is the we really have a choice? Perhaps the only choice is where to shop and what to shop for...even then what choices do we really have. This website opens up that window and brings the world to your home. If in the past you liked to travel to shop or your partner saw it as a treat to send you on a shopping spree, not knowing what you might come back with....then those days are gone. Meet the new your Clubwww1






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The little things in life make all the difference, what is little to you may be huge to someone else. It is said that failure is habit forming but why do we fail when we set out fully prepared. The real steps are taken in the choices we make, which so often can depend on the money we have, the time we have, the people around us and even, the faith we show in our own ability.

Clubwww1 offers a systematic approach to researching the vast amount of information on the worldwide web. Membership (Silver, Gold or Platinum) is open to everyone young or old. New or experienced users can request personal tutoring or schedule appointments. The program offers, Marketing, Training, Development, e Courses, New Business start-ups, Credit Repair Help and or Advice. Advice on Life Services and e Bay Solutions, together with practical day to day help, as well as e Shopping, Vacations, Travel Planning, Health Care and General Education. You will be entering a 'Members Only Area' we have partnered with some of the best companies in the world to bring you services and goods at discount prices.

Join the best experience on the web from the comfort of your own home, what's more... you can earn extra money every time one of your friends uses the program for shopping or any paid service. Instead of being a user of the program, why not become a customer by introducing your family and friends. In the first instance e mail the Help Assistant at or go to


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